5x7cm Single Side PCB,5x7cm Single Side Copper Plate Perf Board for PCB
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5x7cm Single Side Copper Plate Perf Board for PCB

5x7cm Single Side PCB

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In developing any Electrical and Electronics System we must first conceptualize and design the circuit and then go to testing and debugging only after these two stages are complete, we go for final fabrication on the PCB. In all these three processes testing and debugging is the most important because here we ascertain that the circuit we developed is working as intended and there is no bugs in the system which might affect the performance of the device. In this stage we fabricate the circuit on the Breadboard or the Perfboard like this with the help of through hole package components to iron out kinks. It is made up of Bakelite which is an excellent insulator with good durability and flexibility. On one side it has copper coating to allow the solder to stick on it and on other side it does not have anything which allows the components placement without the risk of electrical shorting between the devices. It is extremely easy to work with and you can easily solder on this board as it has soldering spots and some gap between them to avoid short circuiting but still you need to take care while designing the circuit of these things.

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Specifications of 5x7cm Single Side Copper Plate Perf Board for PCB

  • Material: single sided copper circuit board
  • Hole pitch: Standard 2.54mm/0.01 inch
  • Size: 5cm x 7cm
  • Build Material: Bakelite