STHT36125-812,Stanley 3mx13mm Short Tape Rule
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Stanley 3mx13mm Short Tape Rule

The Stanley 3mx13mm Short Tape Rule (model STHT36125-812) is a flexible tape used to measure the short distance. The tape is measured with metal coating covered in it. It can be easily carried in toolkit and pockets as well. This rule has a rigid blade that allows for any layout or construction applications. It is constructed from non-magnetic stainless steel, which makes it ideal for the industries where magnetic interference may be present. The tape is marked in 1/16ths and millimeters on one side and in inches on the other side for convenient measuring conversions. For longer distances use the rigid blade of the short tape. The rule comes with a limited lifetime warranty from manufacturer to its users. The short tape rule uses a metric measurement system with scales ranging from 0-13m and 0-3m respectively. One side of the rule has inch measurements while the other side has mm measurements. It has a stainless steel blade that is made of non magnetic material, making it suitable for industrial environments where there are possible magnetic interferences. The Stanley 3mx13mm Short Tape Rule has a flexible, metal coated measuring tape that allows you to measure short distance. The tape itself is easy to carry in your toolkit and pockets because of its compact size and flexibility. You can use it to measure the height of a building or the width of a piece of furniture in order to estimate if it will fit in your house. It is also used as a ruler for measuring hard surfaces such as concrete or wood.


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Specifications of Stanley 3mx13mm Short Tape Rule

Brand Name                           : STANLEY

Type of Product                    : Short Tape Rule

Width (mm)                           : 13

Model No                               : STHT36125-812

Weight                                     : 34 g

Color                                       : Yellow

Application                           : Concrete Measurement, Wood Measurement, etc

Measurement Range          : 3m

Dimensions                          : 6.5x6.5x3.5 cm

Is Consumable                    : N